Q: When should I start looking?
Our full collection will be available for viewing by the end of Februay 2018.  Most of our ongoing collection is already in store, however our new arrivals are expected in the coming weeks.

Q. How long do I need to order a dress or outfit?  
We do carry stock that can be puchased online or off the rack, especially during School Holidays.  However, it is important to plan ahead as some dresses can take up to 12 weeks to order, if sold out.  We also
offer a Luxe Melbourne Made Collection which can be produced quickly (4-6 weeks if required). 

Q: Do you cater for Petite, Tall or Custom Sizes 14+?

Yes!  Selected styles from our Luxe Collection are made to order. Please visit us for details.

Q: May I take photos in store?
We do not allow photography/facetime in store, however provide photos of our collection on our website. Please feel free to bring a family member/friend to assist you, if required.


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