First Communion
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FAQ: It difficult to travel In-Store. Do you exchange? Yes, we certainly do within 7 days of parcel receipt. We are also available to help recommend optimal sizing. Contact us!

FAQ: Help, with lockdowns we delayed our purchase. Our Communion is in the next four weeks. Have I left it too late? No, we are are doing our best to keep more stock than ever before. It is best to place your order asap so we can assist you. Many dresses from $250-$400 are part of our Off The Rack collection and can be shipped/or ordered quickly. Remember to list your wear date upon checkout and we will be sure to assist.

FAQ: We have searched everywhere and are unable find a suitable option for size 14,16,18. Can you assist? Whilst many suppliers only go to size 12, we have many dresses in stock in size 14 plus. We have even created our own patterns to accommodate from size 14-20 as part of our PB size range. View here

FAQ: Do I need to make an Appointment to visit on a Saturday? Yes, due to In-Store headcount capacity, we have limited appointments available on Saturdays. We do offer after-school appointments or Phone Appointments to assist you from the comfort of your own home.